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November 13, 2022

Fundamentally, the addition of Fb Relationships Repairs Behavior (?=

Fundamentally, the addition of Fb Relationships Repairs Behavior (?=

Our very own analysis is targeted on the connection ranging from a couple of chief predictor details-actual household members into the Twitter and you can wedding when you look at the Facebook Relationship Restoration Behaviors – and both general and Myspace-specific bridging public resource. To evaluate the partnership ranging from these kinds of bridging social capital, handle details, therefore the predictors i define a lot more than, i ran several nested OLS regressions.

In the regression predicting Facebook-specific bridging social capital, the control variables accounted for 5.4% of the variance, with gender (?=.207, p<.001) and self-esteem (?=.098, p<.05) emerging as significant, such that women and those with higher self-esteem reported higher perceived Facebook bridging social capital. The addition of the Facebook usage variables-minutes on Facebook, total Facebook Friends, and actual friends-increased the R 2 to .131, with minutes (?=.144, p<.01) and actual friends (?=.218, p<.001) positively predicting Facebook bridging social capital, supporting H1a. 569, p<.001) increased the model's R 2 to .394 and provided support for H2a. Full results are presented in Table 2.

FRMB analyzes this new the quantity that subjects report they practice issues that rule awareness of and

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